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The Full Story of Jay's Juices

after 14 years in Los Angeles, Jay Smith couldn't find a juice bar that allowed him to maintain the healthy lifestyle he had grown accustomed to while residing in Los Angeles. The Midwest region brought along new challenges health-wise, weight gain, allergies, inflammation, etc. So, to combat that, Jay Smith started juicing. Soon friends and family began to see that he was always drinking some "green stuff" and he began to educate them. And soon the juices with the "hip-hop names" were born.


Founded in 2020 in his kitchen, Jay’s Juices is an organic juice bar that will specialize in distributing creative, fresh, organic juices. Jay’s juices offer consultation services for clients who would like to create their own personalized juices and meal plans and offer a delivery service. Health is wealth, and Jay’s Juices is here to help you prosper health-wise.

Jay's Juices Mission

To help people start and maintain a healthier lifestyle by providing them with fresh, cold-pressed juices made from organic produce.

Why Jay's Juices?

Jay's Juices are truly organic and made from a masticating juicer. A masticating juicer is a slower cold-press process, that provides maximum nutrients and flavor in the juices by eliminating excess air. Jay's Juices are not only organic but they come in your choice of a BPA free, 16 oz, plastic bottle or a 16 oz glass French square bottle which is as unique as the juice itself. Glass helps keep the juices even fresher and our bottles are one that if the lights were out you could recognize them in the dark. And each bottle comes with a platinum cap to top it off. 


Jay's juices come in popsicles as well, Have children that won't eat their veggies? No problem. Jays Juices also has popsicles that will help solve that problem. Each popsicle comes in BPA-free cellophane wraps that hold 3.5 oz of authentic Jay’s Juice frozen for when you're on the run or trying to get that little one to eat his or her veggies, The popsicles provide a fun way to get the vitamins and minerals to your child.Jays Juices also has 2 oz juice shots for immune-boosting purposes.